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Source Interstellar Species pg. 46
Most—but not all—species evolve on a single world, shaped by its environmental pressures and events both mundane and magical. As with any other step, you can start here or simply use this framing to consider your species’ past, present, or future. Starfinder offers several ways to create your species’ home world. You can use the Deck of Many Worlds to get a randomly generated world (one of millions of possibilities) with just a few of that accessory’s 100 world cards. You can also use Galaxy Exploration Manual to create a world (or expand on one conceived with the Deck of Many Worlds). Or you can repurposean existing Starfinder world (or even mash up several), pulling from any number of sources, including Starfinder Pact Worlds, Starfinder Near Space, or the backmatter of Adventure Path volumes. Regardless of the method, it’s helpful to explore the interplay between a species and its home world’s physical and cultural characteristics, as the influence is often bidirectional.
While your species’ home world likely has numerous biomes, your species likely evolved in and adapted to primarily one or two, which you can pick or roll for on Table 2–7: Biomes.
Ask some thought-provoking questions as you go. How did the environment of your species’ home world shape its physiology and culture? How does your species treat the environment: with stewardship and care, fear, or disregard for finite resources? Is there a resource harvested or skill cultivated here that’s of particular value to the greater galaxy?