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Final Details

Source Interstellar Species pg. 47
Here are a few final touches to consider for your species.
Name: Names can be difficult! Mashing up roots of words related to features of your species can lead to interesting, evocative names. To help weed out any unintended correlations for your species’ name, be sure to say the name out loud, have a friend do the same, and search for it on the internet.
Language: It can be fun to think about the unique features of your species’ language based on their physiology and culture; most species have a language with the same name as the species’ (or a similar name), but yours might speak only Common, or widely speak several languages, especially if from a home world with several other common sapient species. See page 40 of the Core Rulebook for example languages.
Relative Commonness: Consider how populous and well-traveled your species is. How recently did your species contact other worlds? How likely are people in the galaxy to know about your species and its home world? How does that inform their interactions?