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Table 2-5: Creature Type

Source Interstellar Species pg. 45
1AberrationA creature with biology that defies reason.
2Animal or verminA creature with relatively straightforward (Earth-like) biology.
3ConstructA magically animated object or artificially constructed creature that attracts a soul.
4DragonA reptilian creature, usually winged, often with magical or otherwise unusual abilities.
5FeyA creature with supernatural abilities and connections to nature or to some other force or place.
6HumanoidA creature that generally has a humanlike torso, two (or sometimes more) arms, two legs, and one head.
7Magical beastAn animallike creature with supernatural or magical abilities.
8Monstrous humanoidA creature similar to a humanoid but with monstrous or animalistic features.
9OozeAn amorphous or otherwise mutable creature.
10OutsiderA creature at least partially composed of the essence (but not necessarily the material) of a plane other than the Material Plane.
11PlantA creature that’s a plant with a magical, supernatural, or technological source of sentience.
12UndeadA once-living creature (likely formerly one of the above creature types) animated by magic or advanced technological forces.