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Gambler Road

Source Ports of Call pg. 14
One of the more dangerous known Drift lanes, initially thought a dead end, opens in high orbit above the poisonous green gas giant Preluria in Near Space. Shortly after the end of the Drift Crisis, several scout vessels entered this Drift lane at Preluria, but only one returned. The others were all consumed by the black hole at the other end of the lane, and so it was deemed off-limits to travelers. However, a human engineer on the sole returning crew named Salli Numo (NG female human) began telling tales of seeing an impossible planet just inside the black hole’s event horizon before her ship reentered the Drift lane. This story sparked the interest of fortune seekers throughout the galaxy, and though most of these treasure hunters failed to return from their trip into this Drift lane—now called Gambler Road—a handful have come back bearing wild accounts of the impossible planet as well as strange relics that have made them rich.