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Cargo / Galactic Trade Basics


Source Ports of Call pg. 169
The next step is for the PCs to get the cargo onto their starship and transport it to a place where it can be sold. In general, the farther the PCs take the cargo, the more it’s worth. This factors into the cargo’s sell price, which is determined when the PCs try to sell it (see below).

Cargo Handling

Source Ports of Call pg. 169
Loading or unloading a single lot into a starship cargo hold takes 1 hour for one person using a cargo lifter (Starfinder CoreRulebook 204) or similar equipment. Without such equipment, loading the same lot takes 8 hours of labor; multiple people can work together to reduce this time. For example, it takes 4 hours for two people without major equipment to load a single lot into a cargo hold. While the PCs will usually be able to take their time, a complication might mean that every hour counts!
The PCs will also have to unload the cargo once they reach the world where they want to sell it, but this generally occurs while at least one of the crew engages in the find buyer downtime activity.