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Cargo / Galactic Trade Basics

Make the Sale

Source Ports of Call pg. 169
When the PCs have reached the area where they want to try to sell their cargo, finding a buyer is a downtime activity, as detailed in the “Find Buyer” sidebar. Certain complications might make this more difficult, but once a buyer is found, you need to determine the sale price.

Cargo Sell Price

Source Ports of Call pg. 169
First, determine the base sell price of a cargo by rolling a d8; if you roll an 8, roll again once and add the newresult to 8. This result is modified by the distance traveled (as noted on the table below) and any complications, inthat order, resulting in a sale price per lot (minimum 1 BP per lot). Finally, the results of the PCs’ find buyerdowntime activity might also alter this price.

Table 3-4: Transport Modifiers

Travel TimeDestinationBase Sell Price Modifier
1d6 daysAnother world in the same system or Absalom Station–2 BP/lot
2d6 daysOne of the Pact Worlds other than Absalom Station from outside the system–1 BP/lot
3d6 daysA world in Near SpaceNo change
5d6 daysA world in the Vast+1 BP/lot