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Cargo / Spending Build Points


Source Ports of Call pg. 169
The PCs can spend BP to hire agents, professional representatives, and even full-time employees who work for them. They can even buy another starship and hire crew to haul cargo as part of their overall business. When the PCs hirepersonnel to expand their business, you decide the NPCs’ stats (though usually, an NPC has a total skill bonus in a handful of skills equal to 4 + 1-1/2 × their CR). They are generally loyal to the PCs but won’t risk their lives. If treated poorly, they might leave the PCs’ service. Employees hired by the PCs agree to a 1-year contract; at the end of that term, the PCs must renew this contract or the NPC leaves their service.
Planetary Agent: A planetary agent costs BP equal to the agent’s CR, which can be no higher than the party’s APL; as the party’s APL increases, the PCs can spend the difference to raise the agent’s CR. The agent lives on one world or space station, and though they might have many other clients, they work on the PCs’ behalf to perform the find cargo and find buyer downtime activities. The agent can also perform the gather information task of the Diplomacy skill. The agent won’t leave the world upon which they’re stationed. The PCs must supply the agent with the credits or other requirements necessary for any task the NPC is asked to perform.
System-Wide Representative: A system-wide representative is similar to a planetary agent but will travel to any world in a single star system (such as the Pact Worlds system). A system-wide representative costs BP equal to twice the representative’s CR, which can be no higher than the party’s APL.
Starship: The PCs can use their BP to buy another starship. This starship can’t be higher in tier than the party’s APL – 2 and is likely to be much lower. The PCs must spend additional BP equal to 5 × the starship’s tier to hire an NPC crew to run this starship; each crew member has a CR equal to the starship’s tier, and they follow the PCs’ instructions when it comes to buying, transporting, and selling cargo, as well as the day-to-day operations of the starship. All the BP earned by this second ship goes to the party’s pool of BP, and the PCs are responsible for the other costs of any additional starships they own.