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Cargo / Spending Build Points


Source Ports of Call pg. 170
The PCs can insure their starship or cargo, so that if their starship is destroyed or their cargo is lost, they can recover some or all of the value. Starship insurance policies cost a number of BP equal to a percentage of their starship’s total BP value at time of purchase (see below). An insurance policy remains in effect for 1 year; after this time, the PCs must buy a new policy (at a higher price if their starship has increased in BP value). If the PCs’ starship is completely destroyed while the policy is in effect, the PCs receive a percentage of the ship’s BP value in payment. The rest of the BP the PCs spent on their starship are lost!
Starship insurance policies are rated bronze, silver, and gold. A bronze insurance policy costs 5% of the starship’s total BP value and pays out 50% of that value. A silver insurance policy costs 10% of the starship’s total BP value and pays out 75% of that value. A gold insurance policy costs 15% of the starship’s total BP value and pays out 100% of that value.
To insure cargo, the PCs can buy a policy for 10% of the cargo’s buy price (minimum 1 BP). If the cargo is lost and not delivered, and the PCs can prove that they weren’t negligent or didn’t steal the cargo, they’re repaid BP equal to the cargo’s buy price.
The PCs can have only one insurance policy per starship and per each cargo.