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Cargo / Spending Build Points


Source Ports of Call pg. 171
The PCs can spend BP on their starship if they have the time and facilities required to make such upgrades (Starfinder CoreRulebook 305). Using this system, the total BP value of the PCs’ starship can be no more than 5% higher than the value listed for its tier in Table 9-1: Starship Base Statistics on page 294 of the Core Rulebook.
For example, a group of 1st-level PCs have a tier 1 starship on which they’ve spent a total of 52 Build Points (saving the rest to purchase cargo). As they accumulate BP by selling cargo, they can spend at most 5 BP to upgrade their starship, raising its BP value to 57 (5% more than the 55 BP used to normally create a tier 1 starship). When their APL rises to 2, this group can upgrade their starship further, but not to a value higher than 78 BP (because a tier 2 starship is normally created with 75 BP). The PCs still can’t spend more than 1,000 BP on their starship when their APL reaches 20th.