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Scaling Equipment / Scaling Weapons

Weapon Flaws and Perks

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 145
It’s time to personalize your weapon, giving it special abilities! Weapon perks grant special bonuses and effects. Optionally, you can add flaws that inhibit some part of the weapon’s performance but grant you additional perks.
Flaw (Optional): A weapon perfect for some tasks might require sacrificing other features. When creating or upgrading your weapon, you can choose for it to have one flaw. A flaw provides some penalty, but in return, you gain an additional Build Point you can use to buy perks.
Perks: By spending Build Points, you can apply various perks to enhance your weapon. Except where noted, weapon perks each cost 1 Build Point to acquire. Exceptions list the cost in BP alongside the perk’s name. Except where noted, you can’t purchase and apply multiple copies of the same perk to a weapon.
Unwieldy: Several flaws and perks give a weapon the unwieldy special property, which often counterbalances especially potent abilities. You can apply only one flaw, perk, or other effect that adds the unwieldy ability to a weapon.

Weapon Flaws (Optional)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 145
You can select flaws from the following list.
Ammo Hog: Double the weapon’s usage. This can only be applied to weapons that have capacity and usage values.
Archaic: The weapon gains the archaic weapon special property.
Cumbersome: Increase the weapon’s bulk by 1.
Low Capacity: Halve the weapon’s capacity. This can only be applied to weapons that have capacity and usage values, and it can’t be applied to weapons that use batteries as ammunition.
Needlessly Unwieldy: The weapon gains the unwieldy weapon special property; this doesn’t increase the weapon’s damage die size.