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Weapon Perks

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 146
You can select weapon perks from the following list.
Automatic Fire (2 BP): The weapon gains the automatic weapon special property. If the weapon uses ammunition other than a battery, you increase the weapon’s capacity by 50%. This perk can only be applied to a ranged weapon.
Blast Strike: The weapon gains the blast and unwieldy special properties and its damage die size decreases by two steps (to a minimum of d3). Alternatively, you can halve the weapon’s range increment to give the weapon the blast special property, but not unwieldy. You can apply this perk only to ranged weapons.
Critical Effect (1+ BP): The weapon gains a critical hit effect from the following list: arc, bleed, corrode, deafen, injection +2, knockdown, staggered, or wound. You can increase this perk’s BP cost to 2 to instead give the weapon either the severe wound or stunned critical hit effect. For critical hit effects that deal additional damage, use the special damage value based on the weapon’s item level from the Scaling Weapon Progression table on page 144.
Destructive (2 BP): Increase the weapon’s damage die size by one step. This can’t be combined with other effects that affect the damage die size, and it can’t increase the die size above 1d12.
Eldritch: Treat the weapon’s item level as though it were 1 higher for the purpose of installing and transferring weapon fusions and fusion seals.
Exploding Strike (1+): The weapon gains the explode (5 ft.) and unwieldy special properties, and its usage increases by 100%. If the weapon’s item level is 6 or higher, you can increase this perk’s cost by 1 BP to increase the explode ability’s radius to 10 feet. You can apply this perk only to small arms, longarms, and heavy weapons. This perk costs 1 BP for a heavy weapon and costs 3 BP for a longarm or small arm. This reduces the damage die size by two steps.
Extended Range (1+ BP): Increase the weapon’s range increment (or thrown range increment) based on the number of BP you spend on this perk. For 1 BP, increase the range increment by 50%. For 2 BP, instead increase the range increment by 100%. For 3 BP, instead increase the range increment by 200%. You can apply this perk only to ranged weapons or melee weapons with the thrown special property.
Lightweight: Decrease the weapon’s bulk by 1. If this would reduce the bulk to 0, the weapon instead has light bulk.
Line Strike: The weapon gains the line and unwieldy special properties. The BP cost of the extended range perk increases by 1. You can only apply this perk to ranged weapons.
Reliable: After rolling the weapon’s damage, you can choose one die whose result was 1 and treat it as though it had rolled a higher number based on the weapon’s damage die size: 2 for d3 or d4, 3 for d6, 4 for d8, 5 for d10, or 6 for d12.
Sniper (1+): The weapon gains the sniper weapon special property with a range based on the number of BP you spend on this perk: 125 feet for 1 BP, 250 feet for 2 BP, or 500 feet for 3 BP. If you apply this perk to a sniper weapon, double the sniper special property’s range. You can apply this perk only to ranged weapons.
Special property: The weapon gains a weapon special property from the following list: block, boost, bright, disarm (melee only), injection, penetrating, quick reload, stun, or trip (melee only).