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Narrative Starship Combat

Narrative Starship Combat Overview

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 176
Below is a summary of narrative starship combat.
  • The combat takes place over a series of rounds, during which the PCs attempt to destroy or disable one or more enemy starships.
  • Each round, the GM chooses a tactic for the enemy forces, which might affect the actions the PCs take on their turn.
  • Each PC crew member takes an action related to their role on board the vessel, which might prompt them to attempt a skill check. The enemy forces take a number of hits based on the number of skill checks the PCs succeed at.
  • The combat ends when the enemy forces take a certain number of hits or when the PCs’ starship takes a certain number of hits. (A GM might rule that a narrative starship combat ends due to other criteria, such as the enemy forces surrendering or the passage of a specific number of rounds.)