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Chapter 13: Pathfinder Legacy / General Conversion


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 500
Starfinder has a different set of actions than the Pathfinder RPG. If rules for a type of action are already provided in Starfinder, use the new rules. Other abilities require the following adjustments.
  • Free Actions: Most abilities that require a free action in the Pathfinder RPG instead require a swift action in Starfinder. When a Pathfinder action needs to be used an unlimited number of times in Starfinder, that action does not require an action to perform.
  • Full-Round Action: Full-round actions change to full actions.
  • Immediate Action: Pathfinder RPG immediate actions used by a character when it isn’t that character’s turn use that character’s reaction in Starfinder, and those used on that character’s turn use his swift action. If a character uses an ability as a swift action, he can’t use his reaction to use that same ability again until the start of his next turn, and vice versa.