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Chapter 13: Pathfinder Legacy / Monster Conversion


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 502
When converting Pathfinder RPG skills as noted on page 500, if a monster has multiple skills that become the same skill, use the highest bonus of those skills. If a monster has an especially high bonus (such as a very high Climb bonus due to having a climb speed), you might want to use a conditional modifier. For example, a Pathfinder creature with Climb +14, Swim +6, and a +8 racial bonus to Climb would have Athletics +6 (+14 when climbing). Specific considerations for specific skills are as follows.
  • Acrobatics: Move any circumstantial modifiers when jumping to the Athletics skill, and possibly adjust the creature’s Athletics if it’s supposed to be good at jumping but didn’t have the Climb or Swim skills.
  • Linguistics: The monster retains the same number of languages, even though the skill is removed.
  • Use Magic Device: Allow the monster to use any magic items it has without attempting checks.