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Chapter 13: Pathfinder Legacy / Character Conversion

Health, Stamina, and Resolve

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 504
Starfinder characters don’t rely solely on Hit Points to stay alive: they also have pools of Stamina Points that they can quickly replenish using Resolve Points. These concepts are vital in Starfinder, so a converted Pathfinder RPG class needs both Stamina and Resolve Points. Additionally, Hit Points in Starfinder are calculated differently. Find the converted class’s Hit Die on the chart below to determine how many Hit Points and Stamina Points that class receives at each level.

Like all Starfinder characters, a character with levels in a converted Pathfinder RPG class receives a number of Resolve Points equal to half her level plus her key ability score modifier.

Pathfinder RPG Hit DieHit PointsStamina Points
d655 + Con modifier
d866 + Con modifier
d1077 + Con modifier
d1288 + Con modifier