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Chapter 13: Pathfinder Legacy / Character Conversion

Weapon Proficiency and Specialization

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 504
Ranged weapons are an important part of Starfinder, and most converted classes should have some familiarity with them. A Pathfinder RPG class proficient with simple weapons should be proficient with basic melee weapons and small arms in Starfinder. A class proficient with martial weapons should be proficient with basic and advanced melee weapons and longarms in Starfinder; if that class has a base attack bonus equal to its class level and class features that increase accuracy or damage with weapons, it should also gain proficiency with heavy weapons. For classes with very tight restrictions on the types of weapons with which they are proficient (such as druids and wizards), you will have to curate a similar list, allowing such characters proficiency with only certain types of small arms. If a class already offers proficiency with firearms (such as the gunslinger), you might want to consider giving that class proficiency with sniper rifles (or another special type of ranged weapon).

Remember that at 3rd level, all classes grant the Weapon Specialization feat for every weapon type with which that class is proficient.