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Appendix 1: Creating Monsters and Other NPCs / Step 1: Array

Other Statistics

Source Alien Archive pg. 128
These statistics don’t appear on the array tables.

Initiative: Unless you increase it with the Improved Initiative feat, a graft, or an ad hoc adjustment, the NPC’s initiative bonus is equal to its Dexterity modifier.

Speed: Choose the speed that suits your NPC. Movement modes such as climb or swim usually don’t count as special abilities in this case, though if your NPC has an especially high number of special movement modes or a very fast speed, that should probably count as one of its special abilities.

Feats: Most NPCs don’t have feats. Many of the bonuses granted by feats can simply be incorporated into a creature’s stat block. However, you can give an NPC a feat as a special ability (see page 142).

Languages: An NPC that has the capacity for language knows its racial tongue, and it likely knows Common and the language of its home planet (if any). Particularly intelligent NPCs might know other languages as you deem appropriate.