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Appendix 1: Creating Monsters and Other NPCs / Step 6: Special Abilities

Adjustment Special Abilities

Source Alien Archive pg. 142
This category of abilities adjusts an NPC’s basic statistics without requiring you to reference other rules. These abilities can turn an NPC into a big bruiser or give it special defenses that affect only the statistics of the array. In general, don’t choose a single adjustment special ability more than once.

Brute: Use the low attack value for the NPC’s main attack, but determine the attack’s damage as if the NPC’s CR were 2 higher (adding the extra damage from weapon specialization). This special ability has a greater impact at higher CRs.
Extra Hit Points: Increase the NPC’s HP by 20%.
Save Boost: Increase all saving throw bonuses by 1 or one saving throw bonus by 3.
Secondary Magic: The NPC gains spell-like abilities (chosen in Step 8) according to its CR, though it gains only the once-per-day spells or one spell per unit of frequency (at will, 1/day, etc.).
Skillful: Increase all master and good skill bonuses by 1.