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Chapter 1: Equipment


Source Starfinder Armory pg. 118
Artifacts are magical objects that are so powerful that they transcend the laws of other magic items. Each artifact has origins beyond mortal ken and a legend associated with its existence. Finding an artifact is a task of mythic proportions and an event of great historical impact. People who come to possess such objects leave behind a new chapter in the artifact’s story, for good or ill. A whole campaign or series of adventures could be based around an artifact. Hunting down the object’s location, collecting its components, or facing its current owner could all be part of the tale.

Artifacts have an item level of 20. However, they can’t be encountered in the course of a random encounter or crafted, and they can rarely be purchased at any price. Each seems to have a will of its own or a bizarre tie to fate, making the object show up at a significant moment. Similarly, artifacts can vanish unpredictably, carried away by a destiny larger than any one user. Artifacts are impossible to destroy by conventional means; each can be ended only by one specific method.

An artifact has incredible powers that can change a Starfinder game in unpredictable ways. When you as a GM choose to use an artifact, consider its impact. How it shows up in, remains, and exits your game is up to you.