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Appendix 3: Polymorphing


Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 142
When a polymorph form is that of another creature, the target appears to be that creature. You decide at the time of designing a polymorph form if its appearance is generic (allowing the target to look like any general example of that type of creature, but never a specific creature) or specific (causing the target to always look like one specific individual that does not change between castings).

As a disguise, this change in appearance is perfect, granting the target a +10 bonus to Disguise checks (either to appear to be a typical version of a generic form or a specific individual when using a unique form). In addition, the DC of the target’s Disguise checks isn’t modified due to altering major features or disguising itself as a different race or creature type. The DC increase for disguising itself as a different size applies only if an observer knows its size is incongruous with the form. The GM can alter or eliminate the bonus to Disguise checks based on the target’s behavior, such as talking in animal form or other conduct outside the norm for a shape.