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Establish Relationships

Source Starfinder #25: The Chimera Mystery pg. 42
Even if you are running a published adventure, it helps to sketch out the relationships between the victim and the suspects. Place the victim’s name in the center, surrounded by the names of possible suspects. Draw lines connecting the victim to each suspect, and draw connections between suspects if they have a relationship. Label each line with the nature of the relationship. For instance, if one suspect is the brother of the victim, you should write just that on the line connecting the two. In addition, write each suspect’s motive and alibi, noting whether the alibi is true, under their name. In addition, include a few words describing the NPC’s personality so you can more easily roleplay interactions with them. Include any other comments you think you might need. Don’t try to fit all the information about the mystery onto this map, however.

Keep your relationship map handy, perhaps clipping it to your GM screen. You can refer to it with a glance when questions arise or when you need to improvise a scene between the PCs and one of the suspects. You will likely need to use other notes or to refer back to the prewritten adventure for the description of the crime scene, the locations of evidence, and so on.