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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Critical Effects / Rolling a Natural 20

Engineer Actions

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 42
Divert: For a crucial moment, you far surpass the power core’s potential output. The results of a critical divert action depend on where you decided to send the extra power.
Engines: You also divert power to the maneuvering thrusters, lowering the turn value of your starship by 1 this round.
Science Equipment: You’re able to divert power in an efficient and balanced way. Science officers can roll their checks twice this round and use the better result.
Shields: You’re able to efficiently route energy to the shields, doubling the number of Shield Points restored to 10% of the PCU rating of the starship’s power core. If this would restore the shields over their maximum value, these excess Shield Points remain until the beginning of the next engineering phase, at which point any excess Shield Points are lost.
Starship Weapons: The augmented weapons run at maximum safe power. For your starship’s weapons, treat each damage die roll that results in a 1 this round as having rolled the die’s maximum result instead.
Hold It Together: Thanks to your inspired repairs, the system you worked on is treated as if its critical damage condition were two steps less severe (wrecked becomes glitching, whereas malfunctioning or glitching become undamaged) for 1d4 rounds.
Overpower: Choose one of the three systems to which you diverted extra power. One of those systems also receives the critical effect benefit of the divert action.
Patch: Your patch was especially robust. If the system takes critical damage again, it removes the patch but doesn’t also apply additional critical damage.
Quick Fix: Your inspired engineering results in a lasting repair, removing the critical damage condition from the system for 1 day instead of for 1 hour.