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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Critical Effects / Rolling a Natural 20

Magic Officer Actions

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 43
Eldritch Shot: Your magical energy also augments the damage of your selected weapon’s next attack. On that attack roll, the gunner can treat each damage die roll that results in a 1 this round as having rolled a 2 instead.
Mystic Haze: Your conjured haze is especially powerful. The granted enhancement bonus to AC increases to +2 and also affects your starship’s TL.
Precognition: Your precise senses give you detailed information about your opponents’ next move. Increase the circumstance bonus to the Piloting check to +4.
Psychic Currents: You manipulate the currents to push your starship along, increasing its speed by 2 until the start of the next turn.
Scrying: Your divination reveals a weakness in a random quadrant of the targeted starship. The next time one of your starship’s weapons deals damage to the targeted starship’s Hull Points, it has a 25% chance to also deal critical damage to a random system.