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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Critical Effects / Rolling a Natural 20

Science Officer Actions

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 43
Activate ECM or Rapid Jam: Your powerful ECM module disrupts enemy targeting computers. Gunners aboard the target starship also take a –2 penalty to gunnery checks during this round.
Balance: While rebalancing the shields, you discover latent power in the shield systems. Before redistributing the Shield Points, you increase the total Shield Points by 5% of the starship’s PCU rating, up to the shields’ maximum value.
Improve Countermeasures: Your powerful countermeasures send false signals to the enemy targeting systems. Gunners aboard the target starship also take a –2 penalty to gunnery checks during this round.
Insidious Electronics: Your electronic attack triggers devastating side effects on the target starship. You also gain the critical effect of either the activate ECM, scan, or target system science officer action (your choice).
Lock On: Your weapon lock greatly improves your gunners’ accuracy. Until the start of the next round, any attacks by your starship score a critical hit on a natural roll of 19 or 20.
Recall Beacon: You coordinate your starship’s teleportation flawlessly. Upon moving to the warp puck’s hex, your starship can turn to face any direction before starting to move.
Scan: Your insightful scans reveal a weakness in a random quadrant of the targeted starship. The next time one of your starship’s weapons deals damage to the targeted starship’s Hull Points, it has a 25% chance to also deal critical damage to a random system.
Target System: Your sensors keep a continuous lock on the enemy starship. The effects of target system last until the start of the next round.