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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Starship Chases

Starship Chase Overview

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 44
Below is a brief summary of how starship chases work.
  • A starship chase takes place over a series of 6 rounds, during which PCs are attempting to flee, pursue, or race an opposing ship or ships. (The GM can adjust the exact number of rounds, per Designing a Starship Chase on page 47.)
  • Each round, the GM presents an obstacle the PCs must overcome, and then the PCs select a single chase action for their starship and attempt any associated skill check.
  • After 6 rounds, the starship chase ends in success or failure, depending on the number of successful chase actions the PCs take. Other effects, such as damage to Shield Points and Hull Points, also depend on this outcome. A chase can also end in failure early if a ship takes a number of hits dependent on its size category (see Ending a Starship Chase on page 46).