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Chapter 2: Character Creation / Health and Resolve

Hit Points and Stamina Points

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 22
Hit Points (HP) measure how robust and healthy you are—a reduction in Hit Points represents physical wounds, illness, or another serious physical impairment. Stamina Points (SP), by contrast, measure your readiness and energy, and they replenish more quickly and easily. When you take damage—whether from an attack, a spell, a disease, or some other source—it reduces your pool of Stamina Points first, and any damage beyond your remaining Stamina Points comes out of your Hit Points. Think of Stamina Points like your ability to shake off a punch; the first one may not do any lasting damage, but eventually you get worn down and start hurting. If your Hit Points ever drop to 0, you are dying and must become stable, or you might die for good (see Injury and Death on page 250).

You replenish your Stamina Points by spending 1 Resolve Point (see page 23) and taking 10 uninterrupted minutes to rest and catch your breath. Up to once per day, you can regain some Hit Points and all of your Stamina Points after 8 full hours of uninterrupted rest (see Regaining Daily-Use Abilities and Spells on page 262; an 8-hour rest counts as a 10-minute rest to regain SP), but you can also regain them through the use of magic or technology. Sources of magical and technological healing state in their descriptions whether they restore Hit Points or Stamina Points. Usually, healing can restore points you’ve lost, but can’t raise your total capacity, though certain types of magic may temporarily ignore this restriction (see Temporary Hit Points below).

Calculating Hit Points

At 1st level, you gain the number of Hit Points listed in your race entry + the number of Hit Points listed in your class’s description, reflecting the overall durability of your race as well as the hardiness you’ve gained from your training.

At 2nd level and at every level thereafter, you gain the number of Hit Points listed in your class’s description, reflecting the greater influence your training and experience has played in your toughness.

Calculating Stamina Points

Your Stamina Points are determined by your Constitution score and your class. At each level, you gain a number of Stamina Points equal to the SP value listed in your class description + your Constitution modifier (even if your Constitution modifier is negative, the total amount gained can never be less than 0).

Temporary Hit Points

Some effects can give you temporary Hit Points that last for only a limited amount of time, and can even exceed your normal number of Hit Points. If you have any temporary Hit Points, whether or not they exceed your maximum, you lose these temporary points first before you lose Stamina Points. Temporary Hit Points can’t be restored through healing.


Let’s say you’re making a brand-new 1st-level character: a human soldier. You find the entry for humans in the Races chapter (page 44) and see that a human receives 4 Hit Points at 1st level. You then look at the soldier in the Classes chapter (page 110), which tells you that a soldier gains 7 Hit Points at each level, giving your character a total of 11 Hit Points at 1st level. The class entry also tells you that a soldier receives Stamina Points equal to 7 + his Constitution modifier at each level. You go back and check your abilities. Let’s say that after rolling and applying your soldier’s racial traits, he has a Constitution score of 14, which means his Constitution modifier is +2. So your soldier has 9 Stamina Points (7 + 2) at 1st level. Remember, you’re adding only his ability modifier (+2), not the ability score itself!

Once your soldier has gone on a few adventures and gained enough experience to advance to 2nd level, he gains additional Hit Points based on his class. In this case, he gains 7 more Hit Points—remember, your character gets Hit Points from his race only at 1st level! For his Stamina Points, you do the same thing you did at 1st level, adding 7 Stamina Points from his class and 2 Stamina Points from his Constitution modifier. So your soldier now has a total of 18 Hit Points and 18 Stamina Points.