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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Starship Chases / Chase Rounds

Ending A Starship Chase

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 46
A starship chase ends after 6 rounds or after a ship has taken a number of hits dependent on its size category (4 for a Tiny ship, 5 for a Small ship, or 6 for a Medium or larger ship), whichever comes first. If the chase ends due to the PCs’ ship taking too many hits, the chase is a failure. The GM determines what happens at the end of the starship chase, based upon the number of successful chase actions taken by the PCs. Table 2–3: Chase Outcomes provides the typical results for a starship chase. These are expressed in general success or failure, the percentage of Shield Points and Hull Points that the ship loses, and how many systems (determined randomly) that gain the wrecked critical damage condition. The GM can adjust these outcomes as needed for their adventure; failure need not mean destruction. For example, if the PCs are fleeing a squad of Azlanti fighter ships but manage only 2 successes, they might still escape—just barely—but their failure might mean they are powerless to stop the Azlanti ships from going on to capture an important ally or location.

Table 2–3: Chase Outcomes

Successful Chase Actions Outcome SP Lost HP Lost Wrecked Systems
5 or more Success 0% 0 0
4 Success 10% 10% 1
3 Failure 50% 50% 2
2 or fewer Failure 100% 100% 5