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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Starship Chases

Designing a Starship Chase

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 47
When designing a starship chase, use the following guidelines to help you build a balanced encounter. The following instructions are provided for chases with 6 checks. If you want to have a shorter chase, remove checks and adjust the outcome (see Table 2–3 above) accordingly by subtracting the required number of successes for each outcome; if you want a longer chase, add to the number of checks and required successes instead.
Determine Challenge Rating: Most starship chases should have a Challenge Rating equal to the PCs’ average party level and award XP as a combat encounter of that CR (Core Rulebook 390).
Determine Skill Check DCs: Reference Table 2–2: Skill Check DCs, using the starship chase’s CR.
Environmental Effects and Obstacles: Decide whether to include any environmental effects (see below) or custom obstacles based on the circumstances of the chase, and take note of their details.

Starship Chase Summary

Each round of a starship chase proceeds as described below.

GM Sets Obstacle
The GM picks an obstacle (either from pages 44-45 or one of their own creation), and one of the PCs attempts a check to overcome it. If the PC fails the check, the consequences are noted.

PCs Pick a Chase Action
The PCs decide on a single chase action (either from page 46 or one of their own invention, at the GM’s discretion) and one PC attempts the skill check associated with that action. Any relevant failure or success is noted and takes effect.

Chase Continues
If it isn’t the 6th round and the PCs’ ship has not taken the maximum number of hits, the chase continues with the GM setting a new obstacle.