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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Starships in Atmosphere / Additional Hazards

Electric Storms

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 52
Oftentimes atmospheres become charged with electricity as the atoms that make up atmospheric gases transfer electric charges between one another, resulting in deadly bursts of lightning. At the end of each helm phase, the GM rolls d% for each starship to determine whether lightning strikes that starship. The chance that lightning strikes a starship is determined by the hazard’s severity (see Table 2–8: Electric Storms). If a lightning strike occurs, the starship’s pilot must attempt a Piloting check to avoid the hazard (the DC is determined by the hazard’s severity; see Table 2–8). If the pilot fails the check, the starship takes damage equal to 1d6 × the starship’s tier. This damage is dealt to a random quadrant of the starship (roll 1d4: 1—forward; 2—port; 3—starboard; 4—aft).

Table 2–8: Electric Storms

Light 25% 18
Moderate 50% 23
Severe 75% 28