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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Starships in Atmosphere / Additional Hazards

Toxic Atmospheres

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 53
Atmospheres that are inherently toxic normally pose little danger to a starship’s crew, as a starship’s life support systems include pressure-sealed interiors that keep atmospheric toxins at bay. But a compromised system increases the chance that a toxic atmosphere will affect a starship’s crew. At the end of starship combat, if a starship is flying in a toxic atmosphere and its life support systems have a critical damage condition, roll d% to determine whether the toxic atmosphere affects the starship’s crew. The chance that this occurs depends on the severity of the critical damage condition, as follows: glitching—25%, malfunctioning—50%, wrecked—90%. All breathing creatures within the starship are affected by the atmosphere’s toxicity as normal (unless they have protection, such as from environmental protections from armor or the benefits of life bubble).