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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Starships in Atmosphere / Additional Hazards


Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 53
Atmospheres are ever-changing, ever-moving environments in their own right, capable of wreaking havoc upon the plans of even the best starship pilots. When piloting in a windstorm, a starship’s pilot attempts a Piloting check at the beginning of the helm phase to navigate the treacherous currents. The DC of this check is based on the storm’s severity (see Table 2–11: Windstorms). If the pilot fails this check, the starship’s speed is reduced by half and the distance it must move before turning increases by an amount based upon the severity of the windstorm (see Table 2–11); both effects last until the end of the round. In addition, regardless of the result of the check, at the end of the starship’s movement, the GM rolls 1d6 and compares it to the starship’s current facing (roll 1d6: 1—forward; 2—forward-starboard; 3—aft-starboard; 4—aft; 5—port-aft; 6—forward-port). The GM then moves the starship 1 hex in the resulting direction.

Table 2–11: Windstorms

Light 20 1
Moderate 25 2
Severe 30 3