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Chapter 2: Starship Combat / Armada Combat / Officers

Chief Technician

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 61
You oversee your fleet’s computers and scientists as they direct scanners and hack enemy systems.

Associated Skill: Computers

Officer Bonus: gunnery checks

Scan (Helm Phase): You direct the fleet’s sensors to scan another fleet. Attempt a check with a +5 untyped bonus against the fleet’s AC. If you succeed, you learn the first unknown category of information from the following list. For every 5 by which you exceed the check, you learn an additional unknown category of information.

1. Basic Statistics: Fleet type, size, speed, maneuverability, tier, damage, total and current HP and SP.

2. Special Abilities: Special abilities, as well as the fleets against which the target fleet is strong or weak.

3. Officers: The names and roles of the fleet’s officers.

Scramble (Gunnery Phase): You scramble communications within a fleet. Select an enemy fleet, optionally selecting one of that fleet’s officers, and then attempt a check against the fleet’s AC. During the next round, the fleet’s chosen officer grants no passive benefit to their fleet and can’t perform any officer actions. In addition, any other fleets’ officer actions can’t affect the targeted fleet. If you don’t select an officer, scramble affects one of the fleet’s officers, selected at random.

Target (Helm Phase): Choose an allied fleet and an enemy fleet within range, then attempt a check against the enemy fleet’s AC. If you succeed, until the end of the round, the allied fleet gains a +1 untyped bonus to gunnery checks against the enemy fleet, and the allied fleet’s gunnery checks against the target deal critical damage on a 19 or 20.