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Make the Sale

Source Starfinder #34: We’re No Heroes pg. 53
Once the PCs have reached the area where they want to try to sell their cargo, finding a buyer is a downtime activity detailed below. Certain complications might make this activity more difficult, but once a PC finds a buyer, you need to determine the sale price.

Cargo Sell Price

Source Starfinder #34: We’re No Heroes pg. 53
First, determine the base sell price of a cargo by rolling a d8; if you roll an 8, roll again once, and add the new result to 8. This result is modified by the distance traveled (as noted on the table below) and any complications, in that order; the total results in a sale price per lot (minimum 1 BP per lot). Finally, the results of the PCs’ find buyer downtime activity can also alter this price.

1d6 daysAnother world in the system or Absalom Station–2 BP/lot
2d6 daysOne of the Pact Worlds other than Absalom Station from outside the system–1 BP/lot
3d6 daysA Near Space worldNo change
5d6 daysA Vast world+1 BP/lot

Find Buyer

Source Starfinder #34: We’re No Heroes pg. 54
You look for someone interested in buying your cargo.

Activity: You spend a day researching markets on the infosphere, checking with union or guild representatives, meeting with local contacts, and haggling. You must be within a settlement, though the GM might allow you to find a buyer in other locations. At the end of the day, attempt a Diplomacy or Profession (merchant) check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 × your level).

Results: On a success, you find someone willing to buy your cargo for the sell price (as determined by the GM). For every 5 by which your check exceeds the DC, increase the sell price of the cargo by 1 BP per lot. If you fail, you still find a buyer, but the sell price of the cargo is reduced by 1 BP per lot.

Special: If multiple allies perform this downtime activity on the same day, only one of them attempts the check, but with a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus for each aiding ally (not including the one attempting the check).