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Chapter 4: Classes

Class Builds

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 59
Following the explanation of a class’s features are four examples of ways to build the class. These are examples of some of the choices you could make to create a specific kind of character, designed to help you think about different ways of playing the same class.

Theme: This is an appropriate theme for the class build.

Ability Scores: This entry notes which ability scores are most important for the build.

Class Choices: Many classes offer multiple choices within certain class features (such as envoy improvisations and mechanic tricks). These entries list some appropriate choices for the build, ordered by the earliest level at which you can take each option.

Spells: Choices of spells that are particularly suited to the build are listed by spell level.

Feats: Useful feats are listed alphabetically.

Skills: These are the skills that best complement the build.