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Swimming With A Swim Speed

Source Starfinder #36: Professional Courtesy pg. 48
If a creature has a swim speed (whether from its species or another source), it can move that full swim speed when it takes a move action to move its speed. This movement uses the same rules presented in the Swimming Example below, which also provides an example of a creature swimming and changing direction.

A creature with a swim speed doesn’t need to attempt an Athletics check to swim except in hazardous circumstances, including stormy and maelstrom conditions. It also gains a +8 bonus to Athletics checks to swim and can always take 10 while swimming, even during combat and when distracted or in immediate danger. Creatures with a swim speed can also use the run action while swimming, provided that they swim in a straight line.

A creature with a swim speed (such as from their species) doesn’t need to attempt an Athletics check to avoid fatigue damage for each hour it swims.