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Chapter 4: Classes / Archetypes

Other Considerations

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 126
While having an archetype may represent your training with or membership in a specific faction, having the archetype is generally not required for you to be considered part of a faction. For example, the Starfinder forerunner (see page 129) is specifically for characters who are part of the Starfinder Society and who have received special training for participation in Starfinder expeditions. However, it is not necessary to take this archetype in order to become a member of the Starfinder Society. The archetype represents only one possible path within the society, not the sole choice for characters tied to that faction.

Archetypes can generally be added to any class, though some archetypes might note they are available only to specific classes or might have other prerequisites you must meet to select them. For example, an archetype that represents training in a specific magic tradition might be available only to mystics and technomancers, while an archetype designed for devotees of an ancient monastery’s fighting techniques might be available only to solarians and soldiers. An archetype notes in its description whether it has any prerequisites or restrictions.