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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 406
LN space station
System Aballon
Population 26,013 (33% android, 32% human, 35% other)
Government oligarchy
Qualities bureaucratic, technologically advanced
Maximum Item Level 16

Once a bustling space station orbiting Aballon, 01 was built by the native anacites right after the Gap, in order to facilitate trade with life-forms from other worlds. These days, most of Aballon’s major trading ports have districts catering to organic life-forms, as well as localized atmosphere generators, yet 01 might still have remained a vital trading hub had it not been infected with a peculiar virus. The virus, dubbed the Bureaucratic Subroutine, seems tailored to make the machines incredibly inefficient and desirous of elaborate layers of hierarchy and ritual. While traffic to 01 quickly tapered off as a result of a complete quarantine for mechanical organisms, Aballon’s government continues to let the station exist due to the strange discoveries coming out of its labs, and some brave traders from other worlds still come to purchase its advanced tech.