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Source Starfinder #4: The Ruined Clouds pg. 50
N holy city of Triune
System The Drift
Population 26,000 (70% android, 20% anacite, 5% verthani, 2% ysoki, 3% other)
Government theocracy
Qualities devout, remote, technologically advanced
Maximum Item Level 20

Alluvion is the ever-expanding epicenter of intelligent activity in the Drift and the spiritual center of the worship of Triune, the god of technology. The city has a roughly ovoid shape and rests atop a relatively flat asteroid, beneath which is an expanse of impossible darkness. An accretion disk composed of chunks of other planes claimed by the Drift spirals slowly into the city, gradually adding to its mass. Over time, these accretions have formed distinct rings—the innermost are reserved for the elite, while new arrivals must settle for territory at the newly added edge of the city. A massive gravity well beneath Alluvion draws in this stream of planar detritus; Triune’s faithful believe the god has harnessed a black hole with a combination of technology and magic, which would explain the unfathomable blackness beneath the city. Whether or not this is true, the gravity in the city itself is comparable to that of Absalom Station and other constructed environments, and a carefully filtered atmosphere supports most oxygen-breathing life.

Sometimes wryly called “the city at the center of the Drift,” Alluvion in fact travels throughout the plane. Whenever Triune wills it, or at least according to no predictable timetable, obelisk-like beacons throughout the city glow faintly green and repeat a seven-tone melody for several minutes. The surrounding purple-pink hyperspace then seems to fold in on itself, and the city is instantly transported to a different part of the Drift—often near a newly plucked portion of a plane. Those who have experienced such relocation while in Alluvion compare it to entering or exiting the Drift, which has led to speculation that Triune held back a key component of Drift-engine technology when it sent out the Signal, one that might allow even faster travel among the stars if it were discovered.