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Source Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate pg. 44
LN city
System Arshalin
Population 416,640 (46% ilthisarian, 45% ethesk, 6% human, 3% other)
Government oligarchy
Qualities cultured, devout, financial center, technologically average
Maximum Item Level 16

Kalsarsa is the largest settlement on Arshalin. Although ilthisarians aren’t usually religious, most respect Kalsarsa as a holy city and endeavor to visit it at least once in their lives. Built in the shadow of a worldshard known as Sheltering Hand, the city enjoys calm weather and is illuminated by many.hued streetlights. Every 80 days, the Kalsarsans engineer a phenomenal light display, varying the colors and intensities of city lights. Part festival and part holy day, the Time of Brightness and Dimness draws visitors from across the planet.

Kalsarsa is the hub of Arshalinfs offworld commerce. Competing merchant houses each sponsor spaceports that vie with each other to host visitors from the Pact Worlds and beyond. Although first-time visitors are often flattered by rivalries for their favor, they soon learn that ilthisarians are keen traders and aren't above threatening to impound a "guest's" ship to encourage preferential deals.