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Source Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate pg. 52
NG megadoplex
System Silselrik
Population 21,389 (98% selamid, 2% other)
Government council
Qualities mobile, technologically underdeveloped
Maximum Item Level 11

The largest of the megadoplexes, Midios (named for the creature upon which it is built) favors wide, flat plains—a preference that led its residents to construct the planet’s only spaceport. The landing pads are set on heavily reinforced platforms to protect the host creature from the heat of starship engines, but the megadolorid Midios adores the immense energy it can absorb from a launch, its frilled edges rippling in pleasure each time a starship departs. Offworld trade opportunities have led to Midios bearing the densest population of any settlement on Silselrik.