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Source Pact Worlds pg. 95
NE necropolis
System Eox
Population 1,450,000 (88% undead, 7% android, 5% other)
Government oligarchy (Eternal Convocation)
Qualities academic, polluted, technologically advanced
Maximum Item Level 20

Orphys is the largest and most prosperous of Eox’s few cities, and is home to the Eternal Convocation, the council of bone sages who assign Eoxian ambassadors to other Pact Worlds and appoint representatives to the Pact Council on Absalom Station. The Eternal Convocation also rules Orphys directly, making it the only major necropolis not controlled by a single bone sage.

All of Orphys is enclosed within a bubble of breathable atmosphere, making it one of the most common destinations for living visitors outside of the Lifeline. Given that Orphys is as close to a planetary capital as Eox offers, most citizens of the Pact Worlds believe the necrovites who rule the city maintain the atmosphere to encourage living tourism and make it easier for Pact World officials to interface with their Eoxian counterparts. In truth, the Eternal Convocation doesn’t much care how the atmosphere impacts the daily lives of living visitors. The atmosphere domes were established centuries ago as part of an experiment into how various conditions impact the long-term stability and potential decay of undead bodies, and that experiment has continued uninterrupted for hundreds of years.

Unlike the cities within the Lifeline, Orphys does little to accommodate living residents beyond providing a suitable atmosphere for them to breathe. Food vendors are rare and almost exclusively deal in preserved foods with shelf lives measured in years. Even so, it is far easier to maintain livable conditions here than in nearly any other necropolis, and Orphys has built a number of businesses around the opportunities living creatures present. Like the Necroforge, it is a major hub in the necrograft trade and contains administrative and business centers that allow Pact World companies and organizations to interact with the Eternal Convocation.