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Source Pact Worlds pg. 33
NG port city
System Castrovel
Population 819,000 (70% lashunta, 5% elf, 5% human, 4% shirren, 4% ysoki, 3% half-elf, 9% other)
Government autocracy (Lady Morana Kesh)
Qualities academic, cultured, financial center
Maximum Item Level 16

The Shining Jewel of the Western Sea, Qabarat is arguably the greatest of the lashunta city-states and the planet’s largest spaceport. Where the Yaro River cuts through the sea cliffs at the edge of the Stormshield Mountains, ancient walls of crushed, glittering shells rise up to cradle a modern metropolis nestled among venerable structures dating to the civilization’s beginnings. Lady Morana Kesh (NG female damaya lashunta envoy) and her chief consort and battle leader, Grantaeus (CG male korasha lashunta soldier), rule the city from the Threefold House, the city’s capitol. They fight a quiet but desperate battle to maintain traditional governments and keep all of Asana from becoming a corporate free-for-all. Visitors to the city often arrive in the spaceport at Ship’s End, passing by soldiers and mercenaries training in the legendary Battle Yards and scholars debating on the steps of the city’s numerous great universities, before arriving in the Brightstreets, which form the city’s commercial center. The city also has several public-use aiudara that link to other settlements.