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Source Pact Worlds pg. 66
N space station
System Verces
Population 786,000 (55% verthani, 15% shirren, 10% human, 5% kasatha, 5% ysoki, 1% ryphorian, 9% other)
Government council (coalition appointed by Grand Assembly)
Qualities academic, financial center
Maximum Item Level 16

This ancient space platform dates back to long before the Gap and stays in a fixed position above the planet, tethered to the equator by the immense cable of a space elevator. Though its terrestrial anchor lands in the nation of Obarshi, the station is managed by the Grand Assembly for the good the entire Ring—an arrangement that’s admittedly unpopular among both the Obarshi and residents of the station vying for self-rule.

Once, Skydock was Verces’s most valuable resource, as transporting goods up the stalk of the space elevator and out of much of the planet’s gravity well made spaceflight economically viable for Vercites long before other worlds achieved it. Today, conventional thrusters and antigrav technology make surface launches easy, yet Skydock still hosts Verces’s most prominent shipyards—producing both legendary racing ships from brands like Terminator and Redshift Revolution and a variety of more commonplace designs for companies like Ringworks Industries— as well as the bulk of the planetary navy. The space station also remains a popular hub for ship crews on leave, and the party never stops in its entertainment districts, despite regular tensions between these tourists and resident workers.