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Source Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate pg. 48
N city-state
System Primoria
Population 233,482 (74% scyphozoan, 23% mycelar, 3% other)
Government council
Qualities academic, biotech-focused, technologically average
Maximum Item Level 15

The most populous and prosperous city on the planet, Tarinth is often called the capital of Primoria despite lacking any formal planetary authority. It is a thriving center of learning and science and remains the only settlement on Primoria where the fungal mycelars and intelligent species from other systems live among scyphozoans in large numbers. Tarinth is situated in the temperate zone on Eukarya’s west coast in the northern hemisphere. The city extends from land to sea, and there are buildings even in the transitional zone, which is above or beneath the waves depending on the tides.