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Source Pact Worlds pg. 125
NG arcology
System Bretheda
Population 265,000 (62% barathu, 8% lashunta, 7% human, 4% kasatha, 3% kalo, 2% android, 1% haan, 1% ysoki, 12% other)
Government autocracy (Confluence)
Qualities modular, technologically advanced
Maximum Item Level 16

The most traditionally metropolitan of the Brethedan arcologies, Trillidiem sees the most immigration, tourism, and travel of any location on the planet. Accordingly, it serves as the planetary headquarters for the Stewards and also supports a relatively large Starfinder Society presence. To maintain relative stillness among the planet’s stormy atmosphere, the arcology maintains a location precisely at the planet’s northern pole, never quite seeing the full light of the distant sun or suffering complete darkness, instead existing in a perpetual violet twilight. Bubbles of transparent aluminum, called Domes, clump together along connective tunnels and passages to form the city’s various commercial, industrial, and residential districts. The fundamentally modular structure allows for virtually unlimited growth, and though Trillidiem is already the largest metropolis on the planet, it continues to expand at a breakneck pace. Oversight from the government-entity Confluence, usually found drifting not far from the arcology and its accompanying spaceport, ensures the city is efficiently run and generally safe, but with enough of a hands-off approach to allow plenty of commerce—legal or otherwise.

In Trillidiem’s spacious Dome 38 lies a longstanding temple to Talavet known as Cloudhearth, a destination for Talavites from Bretheda, nearby Liavara, and beyond. The congregation is as diverse as the inhabitants of the arcology in which it resides, including shirrens, vesk, ysoki, and others, in addition to the more typical kasatha worshipers and native barathus. Though normally a congenial gathering, the temple’s community has been strained in recent weeks following the death of the long-standing head priest, who in her final directives named an android called Epic as the successor to her position. More traditional members of the congregation have balked at this transition, which has been complicated by the fact that Epic hasn’t been seen in Trillidiem since before the priest passed away, and attempts to contact them have all failed.