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Starfinder #27: Deceivers’ Moon

Estimated Release Date: 4/29/2020
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Afflictions - Poisons [1]

Morph Inhibitor

Aliens [7]

Autofly Swarm, Glacial Borer, Megalonyxa, Psydrake, Reptoid Hybrid, Shadow Hopper, Wetzelt

Equipment - Hybrid Items [2]

Intonation Pendant, Mind Scour

Equipment - Magic Items [6]

Starmetal Serums (Abysium Philter), Starmetal Serums (Djezet Draught), Starmetal Serums (Horacalcum Mélange), Starmetal Serums (Inubrix Brew), Starmetal Serums (Noqual Elixir), Starmetal Serums (Siccatite Tonic)

Races [1]


Spells [2]

Amorphous Form, Quick Change

Starship - Armor [1]

Energy-Absorbent Plating

Starship - Examples [9]

Gray Collection Saucer (Gray Ships), Gray Monitor Capsule ([AP] The Threefold Conspiracy), Gray Mothership (Gray Ships), Gray Research Vessel (Gray Ships), Gray Watcher Pod (Gray Ships), Reptoid Chameleon (Reptoid Ships), Reptoid Changeling (Reptoid Ships), Reptoid Instigator (Reptoid Ships), Reptoid Nest Platform (Reptoid Ships)

Starship - Expansion Bays [4]

Biological Experimentation Chamber, Cultural Preparation Facility, Habitat Simulator, Sample Acquisition Bay

Starship - Security [7]

Gray Cloaking Device (Advanced), Gray Cloaking Device (Basic), Gray Cloaking Device (Budget), Gray Cloaking Device (Cut-rate), Emergency Accelerator, Holographic Mantle, Reconfiguration System

Starship - Sensors [1]

Observation Sensors

Starship - Weapons [6]

Heavy Static Projector, Light Static Projector, Repulsor, Stasis Beam, Super Stasis Beam, Super Static Projector

Systems [1]

Depot 583-B

Template Grafts [1]

Reptoid Hybrid (Creature Subtype)