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Starfinder #34: We’re No Heroes

Estimated Release Date: 11/11/2020
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Afflictions - Drugs [2]

Pain-Aways, Stay-Awakes

Aliens [5]

Drift Leech, Drift Mote, Dustar (Anacite), Hobbe Hound, Monitor (Anacite)

Equipment - Armor [8]

EJ Hardsuit (Advanced), EJ Hardsuit (Elite), EJ Coverall (Industrial), EJ Hardsuit (Industrial), EJ Hardsuit (Paragon), EJ Hardsuit (Spec-ops), EJ Coverall (Utility), EJ Hardsuit (Utility)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [11]

Sustenance System (Basic), Enviro-Sensor, Hibernation System, Sustenance System (Mk 1), Voice-Command Module (Mk 1), Voice-Command Module (Mk 2), Sustenance System (Mk 2), Sustenance System (Mk 3), Voice-Command Module (Mk 3), Voice-Command Module (Mk 4), Remote Monitoring System

Equipment - Hybrid Items [1]

Suspension Pill

Equipment - Weapons [15]

Molecular Borer (Advanced ), Molecular Borer (Elite ), Excavation Drill (Gyroidal ), Excavation Drill (Helical ), Electric Prod (Impulse ), Excavation Drill (Industrial ), Molecular Borer (Industrial ), Electric Prod (Jolt ), Molecular Borer (Paragon ), Electric Prod (Storm ), Electric Prod (Surge ), Electric Prod (Tempest ), Excavation Drill (Utility ), Molecular Borer (Utility ), Excavation Drill (Volute )

Rules [25]

Alternative Build Points, Cargo Handling, Cargo Sell Price, Cargo Type, Destination, Determine Complication, Downgrades, Expansion, Find Buyer, Find Cargo, Find Cargo, Free Traders, Galactic Trade, Galactic Trade Basics, GMing Expectations, Insurance, Lifestyle, Make the Sale, Other Sources of Build Points, Running The System, Session Zero, Shipping or Speculation?, Spending Build Points, Transport, Upgrades

Starship - Examples [1]

BD514 ([AP] Fly Free or Die)

Systems [1]


Themes [2]

Prole, Vaster