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Starfinder #43: Icebound

Estimated Release Date: 3/30/2022
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Aliens [11]

Anemonite Communicant, Bolaji (The Swarm), Celestaur Bull (Starship), Directive 9 Assassin (Directive 9 Operatives), Directive 9 Handler (Directive 9 Operatives), Directive 9 Muscle (Directive 9 Operatives), Fetelam (Starship), Klendat (The Swarm), Mnemonic Stalker, Swarm Horaspa (Starship), Teracta (The Swarm)

Archetypes [1]

Directive 9 Field Agent

Equipment - Biotech [7]

Acid Reservoir (Caustic), Psychic Chatter (Chittering), Acid Reservoir (Disintegrating), Psychic Chatter (Screaming), Psychic Chatter (Shrieking), Psychic Chatter (Squealing), Acid Reservoir (Vitriolic)

Equipment - Hybrid Items [1]

Swarm Battery

Equipment - Powered Armor [2]

Barathu Battens, Rocket Hero Suit

Equipment - Technological Items [5]

Hover Anchor, Meltdown Battery (Mk 1), Meltdown Battery (Mk 2), Meltdown Battery (Mk 3), Telepathy Tap

Equipment - Weapons [6]

Nauphage Cannon (Adhesion), Nauphage Cannon (Anchor), Electrosystem Rifle (Buzzing), Electrosystem Rifle (Convulsion), Electrosystem Rifle (Jolting), Nauphage Cannon (Sticky)

Rules [5]

Appearance, Building the Swarm, Mannerisms, Swarm Mechanics, Swarm Starships

Starship - Examples [1]

Umbral Eveskiper ([AP] Horizons of the Vast)

Systems [1]


Vehicles [2]

Jumpcycle, Stealth Dirigible