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Starfinder #6: Empire of Bones

Estimated Release Date: 6/15/2018
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Aliens [7]

Baykok, Corpsefolk, Gatecrasher, Kurobozu, Mohrg, Pale Stranger, Shimreen

Equipment - Hybrid Items [2]

Eyes of Rhean, Runeworm

Equipment - Magic Items [1]

Warlord Stone

Equipment - Technological Items [1]

Spear of Fates

Races [1]


Starship - Base Frames [2]

Base Ship, Ultranought

Starship - Examples [9]

Corpse Fleet (Barrow Boneshard), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Catacomb), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Cenotaph), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Dirgesinger), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Eulogy), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Reaper), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Reliquary), Corpse Fleet (Barrow Spectre), Dead Suns (Blackwind Annihilator)

Starship - Expansion Bays [6]

Arcane Mortuary, Corpse Recycler, Drift Booster, Ghost Drive, Recycling System, Tactical Sensor Tank

Starship - Power Cores [3]

Titan Heavy, Titan Light, Titan Ultra

Starship - Thrusters [3]

SC4 Thrusters, SC6 Thrusters, SC8 Thrusters

Starship - Weapons [16]

Gravity Annihilator, Heavy Carrion-Missile Launcher, Hypermass Cannon, Light Carrion-Missile Launcher, Mega Carrion-Missile Launcher, Negative-Energy Cannon, Negative-Energy Gun, Nova Ram, Particle Acceleration Gun, Super Negative-Energy Cannon, Ultra Plasma Cannon, Ultra X-Laser Cannon, Ultragraser, Ultralaser, Ultramaser, Vortex Devourer

Systems [1]


Template Grafts [6]

Other (Baykok), Other (Corpsefolk), Other (Gatecrasher), Other (Kurobozu), Other (Mohrg), Other (Pale Stranger)