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Storm-Torn World of Master Artisans

Source Starfinder #6: Empire of Bones pg. 62
Location The Vast
Diameter x1; Mass x2; Gravity x2
Atmosphere Normal
Day 32 hours; Year 540 days

Shimrinsara is a storm-battered world whose inhabitants, called shimreens, dwell within dazzling metropolises under the protective confines of sparkling domes. However, rather than fear the planet’s fierce squalls, the shimreens harness the energy produced to power their industries, and have done so for as long as they remember—even before the Gap, according to their surviving records. As elemental tempests (most often electrical, but cold-, fire-, and sonic-based storms are not unheard of) bombard the domes, their crystalline lattices absorb and store this energy within colossal batteries located deep underground. This results in brilliant cascades of pulsating light that dance along the domes’ surfaces in constant kaleidoscopes of shifting hues. The structures also deflect the violent gales that rage outside, keeping the inhabitants inside dry and serene.

This abundant supply of energy frees the cities’ inhabitants to engage in ways of life that focus on culture rather than the pursuit of resources. However, inhabitants of neighboring systems are aware of these assets, and some have periodically tried to conquer Shimrinsara from. This constant threat has led shimreens to develop a dualcaste society. The majority of shimreens belong to the worker caste: artisans, barristers, engineers, entertainers, and scientists. A second caste, the warrior caste, includes those of more militaristic personalities. However, over time, these soldiers’ tactics have become an art form unto themselves, treating battle as an elegant dance. The most famous of shimreen warriors perform spectacles of artful martial displays in staged and broadcasted fights that draw sizable crowds from all across Shimrinsara.

There are seven domed metropolises on Shimrinsara. These cities, known as the Jewels of Shimreen, are connected via a sophisticated system of energized tethers. Storm barges with giant crystalline sails traverse the blinding squalls along these tethers, bringing trade between the seven Jewels. The brightest of these Jewels is the capital city of Kaniqlu, where a council of seven governs the planet, with each of the cities represented equally by an elected representative.

Thanks to the constant storms, the environments outside of the domes are hostile to living creatures that lack energy resistance. Numerous types of fauna thrive within this strange weather, however, and many scholars believe that these species must have connections to the Elemental Planes somewhere in their ancestry. Studies to prove these connections are ongoing.

Shimreens are humanoids with multihued, glowing crystal carapaces that they prune and manicure to delineate between the genders. Female shimreens exaggerate the crystals atop their jagged heads to form stylized crowns. Males, on the other hand, let their carapaces grow wild around their entire heads, calling these clusters their “manes.” Regardless of gender, shimreens are tall and lanky, with full-grown adults cresting 7 feet.

Aliens found at Shimrinsara

Shimreen - CR 5; Medium humanoid (shimreen)
Shimreen Warrior (Shimreen) - CR 5; Medium humanoid (shimreen)
Shimreen Worker (Shimreen) - CR 1; Medium humanoid (shimreen)